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22 March 2012 @ 08:39 pm
it's been a while. just kinda wanted to write something here. i'm trying to think of stuff i've done since my last post...

went to spain for my 23rd birthday with brian! it was freakin sweet

my childhood house in wittman was sold in october... not so sweet

i've gotten more into cooking now that i don't live with my mom!

got a job as a waitress at a sushi restaurant. surprisingly awesome considering i've always been nervous about food service jobs.

hopefully this upcoming semester i'll take a ceramics class and take my GRE.

i miss livejournal. it makes me nostalgic for the early 2000's even though i didn't have one then.

i looked at my myspace for the first time in two years probably. i kinda miss it, twas a simpler time. then again facebook may take on that rosy sheen in 5 years, who knows. i'm not witty enough to write statuses all the time, but it's a useful tool for creepin' what can i say?
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04 January 2011 @ 03:42 am
about a month and a half ago i was driving from delaware, brian was following me until i saw he got pulled over, i drove about a quarter of a mile and i parked on the side of the road to wait for him. ANOTHER cop pulls up behind me right before the other finished with brian and says he clocked me at 67mph. there was only one cop a minute ago, and we each got a ticket for $90... i decided to go to the court date to fight it because i KNOW they only clocked brian and not me.
both cops were there when my name was called, they even admitted to not actually clocking my speed, that the one guy from the town over was contacted to wait for me but when i didn't show up he came looking for me. the judge was all 'well i believe that you went over 50 mph" and i ended up paying $50...

i've never had a speeding ticket, and of course i get one when nobody had physical proof of anything, i was parked on the road waiting patiently, practically gift wrapped for them!

balls on the court systems chin... forever.
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02 November 2010 @ 12:03 am
i got me a pair of heels! they are so cute and vintage looking. :D i don't normally wear them because i am so tall already, but i'm excited to wear these sometime.


and here i look surprisingly good blonde if i don't say so myself. i got the wig for my princess peach costume, which was comprised of a tiara, hand made turnip, and a pink hoodie. everyone said i looked like hot donna from that seventies show, i don't see it. someone told me donna when i was in high school, i didn't see it then either!


also, i love this music video, it's so creepy and poignant! i also just love anything set in that time period...

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I'm so excited! i've come to the middle of the semester! :D
i am going to work tomorrow, then me and brian are going to the airport saturday morning! so exciting.
i like traveling places.
i want to teach english in japan (i don't know if i mentioned that last post) for a year, though i don't know if i want to do it straight out of college or if i want to wait a year... it's a tough call. i'd be missing two weddings, one i'd actually participate in, so i'm apprehensive to leave this year. though i do worry i will get sucked into some job i don't want to do in a years time... so i don't know.

it all kinda abruptly hit me when i found out i was graduating on time instead of taking another semester. it's gonna be rough this winter interning and doing an independant study for a total of six credits, on top of 17 or 18 credits next semester. but i will scrape by... it will save me 20 grand, which is more or less what i've saved up in my four years being here, with all my financial aid helping me out. i feel i've done pretty well for going to a private college and studying abroad. it'll be nice to finally graduate and have my two majors completed.

i want to hold off on grad school for now though. i wanna take a break and work a bit, or, hopefully go to japan within a year or so.

it's finally chilly tonight! it was gross and rainy today, kind of unexpected. i slept til almost 2 today, it felt so good but i felt incredibly unproductive. i hung out with jack and also got new tires. apparently my right axel was blown out? they replaced that too, but it was so expensive. my mom paid for it, and there's no way i could possibly express the amount of gratitude i feel for that. one day when i am rich and powerful she will get her own villa in tuscany, with a huge art studio and maybe a private jet, and a couple perfect kitties. really, she is the best mom i could ever ask for. she is so warm and supportive, and i was really happy to spend some time with her last night, because i haven't been able to visit in well over a month. the house looks amazing, and it looks like we will probably spend christmas there... which makes me happy. i'm glad it didn't sell this summer, and i hope it never sells really... (until i can buy it) but for the sake of divorce settlements it has to.

but having new tires rule. in the four, almost five years i've owned this car, i never changed them or had them rotated. i was sure i was going to die any minute driving it. so this is good peace of mind. if i wanted to actually drive to visit heather, i feel i could now. and now i won't skid on ice and snow this winter as much as i would have last winter. also a plus.

i was told once this song gave my friend a creepy, comforting feeling that reminded them of me. i was flattered, but in turn this song reminds me of them now.

i've been listening to their new album a lot, but i still like a lot of songs on Funeral.
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30 September 2010 @ 11:01 pm
i'm excited!
i'm gonna go check it out tomorrow after school!
it just sucks because i work in the morning, so i can only stay for one night.
maybe i can help him move stuff in if it's not raining cats and dogs like it has been the past few nights.
it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so effin' hot to top it off. if only it were a chilled fall rain, so much more tolerable. i hate sweating in all my clothes on top of being dampened from all the humidity and rain itself.
this is probably a front and things are probably going to get cold REAL FAST after things die down. that's maryland weather for you...
i'm not looking forward to winter just yet, because i'm still snowed out from last year, but fall will be nice. i usually love winter the best, but i hope our winter won't be as terrible as last year.

thinking about it, i've never really liked spring. at least in maryland. we never really get much of a spring, but i always hate how i look in pictures during spring. awkward and pasty, and the weather is so fickle to begin with so you're either way too hot or too cold in whatever you choose to wear that day. prom also comes to mind, which i always think of the pictures everyone takes next to a barely flowering tree branch in order to capture some sort of picturesque beauty. it all looks so staged and fake to me! i much prefer summer fall and winter. it's predictable! and not so soggy.

i didn't realize this would be mostly a post about weather. then again i don't really know what i will end up blogging about half the time.

got an oil change today! so that means my tires aren't low on air and all my fluids are at the proper levels so i won't break down because of that! just gotta finish out tomorrow and check out brian's new house! yay!

i wish i was done with school, two more semesters loom ahead of me and i just want them to be overrr. blah!
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22 September 2010 @ 12:19 am
i want pierogies. something cheesy and fried in loads of butter and salt and onions.

i've been eating things that are generally sweet lately and i'm not pleased at all!

if i had money i would go buy some mac and cheese... but alas, i am broke until i get payed. i literally only have three dollars in my bank account right now. it was dumb on my part though... i bought a plane ticket then refunded it so i could squeak by buying two for me and brian to go to NC in october!
he will pay me back, and it'll be a few days until i get my refund, but also i am waiting to get payed for working at the winery, and that's another week probably.
even though i know i'll be fine, it's just annoying waiting and being super careful with using my debit card. at least i have some cash from working at the winery and getting tips.

i also start working at Atwaters this Thursday too, exciting! they are training me in bread and cheese, and also soup. I am hungry, even though i ate some granola bars. aghhh.

I'm excited to see heather though! the last time i saw her was in february for sean and hannahs wedding! she is in moldova now visiting denis' family, but she's excited to see us.
i'm glad brian will be coming with me too, since most of my travels i've gone alone, and while i'm perfectly content sitting still for hours at a time listening to my ipod and staring out a window, it'll be nice to have someone to talk to. this will be his first flight too, so i'm glad i'm gonna be there for that. i feel like such an airplane pro now! haha. 3 hours ain't nuthin' when you flew 8 hours to and from copenhagen!

this song and video reminds me of denmark. i watched it and listened obsessively to this album while i was there.

i ate a lot of pasta and bread and jam while i was there.
fond memories.
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18 August 2010 @ 02:23 am
i haven't updated in a while, not that anyone besides emily or gi really read this nowadays, but i like just having a place to write stuff. I have a tumblr now which is fun and you can just blog pictures or whatever, its not really a place for writing stuff though it seems, so most of my writing will probably just go here like it always has.
I finally got some money rolling in, which i proceeded to buy all my books for school and a couple of new clothes. I really don't care much for forever 21 any more, their stuff is too short on me and their cuts of stuff really aren't flattering or eye catching, that or they're way too hipster/ironic ugly for me haha. it's sad because i really used to like their stuff... i still like their jewelry selection though. but $10 shipping isn't worth it for a $4 ring or whatever.
I really just like simple classic styles with patterns and interesting colors... meh.
Brian's sister asked me to be her bridesmaid, which i'm pretty excited about, it's another year away so i have plenty of time to go shopping and find a blue dress with her and her mom.
it's going to rain tomorrow, 2 and a half inches they say. it's gonna be brutal and awesome. i love rain and we haven't been getting enough this summer in my opinion. being pensive and staring at the rain is one of my favorite pastimes at my moms house, when i'm not killing all my time on the internet like i am now.
i'm hungry, but i have to work tomorrow and all i really want is nutella after looking at my previous blog title.
i miss denmark, i had an awesome time there and i wish i could have done a whole semester with all those people... well, almost all of those people. ha. it's hard to believe it's already been two months since i first left home. best decision i made this year, hands down. things from sweden keep popping up in my life though, its really weird. bands tour/are from there and some swedes came into the winery and i talked to them for a while. a lot of them have a british/kinda american accent because they grow up watching american television and are taught the queens english, its not so much the 'ya sveeden yaa?' stereotype. i wish i was back there though, in all its overpriced but super clean and friendly scandinavian niceness.
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20 June 2010 @ 03:43 pm
i'm eating a disgusting amount of nutella right now and trying to sleep.
denmark is awesome!
i go to sweden tomorrow i think.
i ate a lot of bacon today.
gotta come up with a topic for my research paper tonight as well. something viking related.
i miss brian.
i hope nobody steals my stinky wet pseudo suede shoes from target, i got caught in the rain today. then again, even if they did i don't think i'd miss them that much.
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15 May 2010 @ 11:45 pm
blue moon and oranges, eff yeah.
and pandora radio, that magically knew what to play because it's connected to facebook and goes off of my likes. <3
the winner is... by danna/devotchka pretty much sums up how i'm feeling right now.
lifes been pretty good, i only have one more final to go on monday, and in less than a month i will be in denmark. it's pretty cool!
working at the winery is fun, i'm making more and more tips as i'm getting more comfortable with the material.
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so stressed, i want this semester to be over...
this stress from classes is making me feel sick and gross!
i just hope i can maintain my 3.0 gpa....

i want to live somewhere with woods like this one day.

i thought i might not get a physical in time for denmark! but it's done, now i just need to pay for tuition by the end of the month, i hope i get a decent amount from the scholarships i applied for.

i wonder what iceland will be like with all this volcanic activity... if they'll even keep the program.

but i started working at the winery and i really like it so far! they even give cash tips a lot of the time, though its not expected its totally awesome because almost every person does it. gas money! :D
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