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02 March 2010 @ 04:20 am
i turn 21 this weekend i'm excited!

i've noticed all facebook ads and most places i go online have advertisements for engagement rings, it's creeping me out. subliminal messaging! maybe.

this blog lacks any particular aim and it's pretty late as is.

here is an blurry shot i took of a treeline in the morning time, shot by car in virginia or tennessee or something probably. i just really like the colors.


and here is another equally boring shot of me being a creeper in brian's apartment. oh yeah.


ok bed.
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17 February 2010 @ 08:33 pm
Got some red lipstick today.


I know NOTHING about makeup or how to choose colors that look good on me, but i was in Target today and i got the Almay Outlast Lip Stain, and just kinda chose a color that had blue undertones, which is what Liz recommended a while back. For being a complete shot in the dark i thought it looked pretty good, though i kinda looked like a foot today because i was so tired. Oh well. I'd like to wear it to Sean's wedding saturday, since i am 95% sure we are going at this point. Also since i do the black eyeliner cat eye thing almost every day, it would be a nice way to add some drama i think. I dunno.

It also makes it really easy to look like i'm from the 50's or something, haha.


In hindsight i wish i had grabbed a lipstick more so than a stain, since i'm not sure how i'll get it off tonight! haha, i gotta get my hands on some baby oil or chapstick maybe.
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16 February 2010 @ 04:02 am
The book is getting published soon! Tekemia sent me order slips that i could forward to everyone if they wanted to order one!
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14 February 2010 @ 10:18 pm
I had a really good time yesterday! or this weekend in general.
Friday i attempted to free my car from the three feet of crusty ice and snow without much success, but lucky for me i must have looked pathetic enough holding a snow shovel staring at the heap of snow that encased my car that three guys came and in like 20 minutes dug my car out. I would have been there literally alllll day. One of the guys i semi knew from a previous class, i knew that he was from some part of upstate new york so he was probably used to this mess, because i sure wasn't. So that was good! i left later that night for seaford and i got to see Brian for the first time in like a month, it was super swell.
The next day we got up early and farted around hoping that UPS might deliver the present he ordered for me, without much luck. It was so sad because he even ordered it with the two day delivery thing like a week before but the snow backed everything up and ruined his big plan. He was gonna surprise me by buying this cute black dress i wanted so i could wear it out to dinner... but no such luck. ah well. i thought it was a really sweet idea, i may still end up wearing it to Sean's wedding next weekend if we end up going/it looks better on me than Rachel's dress :P. We ended up eating at Zia's with Keith and Abby and the food and company was good as they always are! We then saw Legion which wasn't that good but it was fun anyway, i hid in Brian's shoulder most of the time though because i'm a wuss and no good with cheap jumpy-outty scare tactics and blood.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get two measly inches of snow and then the rest of the week will be upper 30's and low 40's! which means slowly but surely the snow will be melting! wooo! and Brian's dad will either help him rent a car for the drive to NC or we'll trade him my car in exchange for his. Either way we gotta get down there! not only am i excited for the wedding but Heather and Denis will be hanging out in Asheville with us! ahh!
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Asides from looking like a fatty Mcgavin in my last post tonight has been boring!
my sculpture class was canceled, but at least my Sensation and Perception book came in the mail after waiting like a month to get it! Stupid Amazon.com/Belltower Books.
Also i found out the application for Denmark is due March 12th! i didn't miss it yaaay.
also i know a couple of people that are going too so that'll be good!
All the phonathon ladies were at work and accounted for tonight, it was fun, though we hardly made any calls.
and i'm bored because there is another foot of snow accumulating on my car right now. That's gotta be three total now. eff.
Since there is no school tomorrow, tonight i will gorge myself on organic yogurt and watch Life is Beautiful because i got it on netflix and i've been meaning to see the end of it since i was probably 14 or 15.
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sun noggin.
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08 February 2010 @ 06:22 am
I hate being stuck in the snow! for some reason Goucher didn't plow the parking lot, so it just looks like a giant egg crate right now out there! i hope they do that this week... it would melt faster that way! jerks. i need to get to Delaware next weekend!! Valentines day! gahh!

I really like the names Ira and Cecilia, i imagine if i had two kids right now that's what they would be named.

Instead of staying up til now i fell asleep around 11:30 and woke up around 5:30, so i don't feel as guilty! But now i think i am going to go to sleep. yeah
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Blah today was just an off day! things just draaaagged, even if i only had one class today. i am working on a sculpture thats going to look like a nest kinda, out of shish kabob sticks. i need to work on another part of that, but i think i'm going to get the bulk of the first half done tonight.

i think i really just want some more sunshine! it is snowing now, and not that i don't love snow, its just hard when your tires are bald, you can't go anywhere for fear you won't be able to stop when you need to. i managed to get a lot of art supplies and stuff from Michaels and Walmart today before more snow set in. I wanted to buy a little potted plant, but all they had were roses and blueberry shrubs. I want a tiny philodendron because i could use a touch of green i think!

spring is not far off thankfully.
Walmart had surprisingly amazing looking orchids, the label said something about just adding ice? i don't know i've never heard of them before, but they were lovely. The one brian gave me last year is still kickin (with my moms care) but the overall lack of sunshine has them perpetually in the bud state.

I also never knew skunks were THIS CUTE.

apparently they have domesticated ones and they are just as friendly and smart as cats, when they are de-stinked.


Pink walls have been growing on me. if i could escape the 6year old girl/easter egg vibe i think i may paint a room or wall pink when i get my own house.

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I am back at goucher now, and as i'm driving there i get a text from the book author, wanting me to check my email. apparently she wants to finish the book with me, she mentioned my need of getting paid, but she didn't really go into it at all, and she seemed to think i needed to do 32 images, i'm fairly sure its more, i'll have to check. dan says i should gauge how much time itll take to finish 32, and charge hourly. he helped me write up a little contract, he suggested $25 an hour, but that seems like a lot... i dunno. i need to email her tomorrow though. i want to finish it but at the same time she is so frustrating to work with! blah.
at least i can include the book in my essay i should be typing now, for the rosenberg scholarship.
i saw the lovely bones tonight with alec, it was good, but so so so sad. i got bleary eyed in so many parts. i thought they did a good job of making things look 70's-y, and i'm glad they left out the violent rape and murder scene, not to mention the fact that he cut her up into little pieces and hid her in a burlap sack in a safe. i read the book when i was 14 or 15, i was dreading those parts in the movie, but i kind of figured showing the rape of a cute little 14 year old girl was probably not going to fly for most audiences... unless of course it was Lifetime or something.
i just hate rape scenes in general... they're way too disturbing for me to watch.

This week is really uneventful, todays classes were cancelled and i only have one tomorrow. Then i have three on friday, and then Bitsy comes to visit! exciting, i missed her.
I wish more of my friends had stayed at Goucher, they all transferred, and one of my last ones just dropped out because his grades were so low. I'll get to see Elaine, Libbie, Maya, and even Jasmin once phonathon starts up, i've always hated the job, but i've grown fond of it this past year to some extent because of the people i work with.
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i "just" got back from seeing Avatar 3D with my mom and brian, it was a good time, we had to sit up all squished in the front rows though because it was completely full when we got there. :/ i had already seen it, but it was good killing two birds with one stone because mom and brian hadn't, and also brians mom has been trying to meet my mom for a while now, so i managed to get all of that accomplished today!

I move back monday, kind of dreading it though because i don't have a job but hopefully it will be a good semester. My dad said he would help with books, i am yet to see him follow through with this but it seems like he might. I will probably be seeing Bitsy on Friday though! hooray!

I have been semi putting off applying for the $7500 Rosenberg Art Scholarship, it needs to be postmarked by Feb 1st, a monday. I hope my one teacher is able to write me a recommendation in time... i'll email my advisor as well, even though he never checks his email. I have a good feeling about my portfolio at least, and my essay, even if it isn't written yet will have a lot of promising material for me, even if my stupid illustration job fell through.

Trying to find a job, hopefully an on campus one, even a few extra hours here and there will help out my biweekly paychecks tremendously.

I am just so nervous because i don't know what is going to happen in the next few months financially so i just feel up in the air and anxious about everything! I know it will all work out in the end but its just these weird inbetween stages that are driving me nuts!

Applying for one, possibly two MD delegates scholarships, they're about $300 each if i nail both of em, which will be good for next year. I am considering moving in with alec next year possibly. I need to save myself some money!

I am possibly modeling next weekend for Jacob, Rachel is doing my hair and makeup so i am excited! Ideally we will be doing them in one of these old watch towers in Lewes...

and jacob has all of these great ideas, it's gonna be COLD though. i'll just wear my coat between shots.
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