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04 January 2011 @ 03:42 am
so dumb  
about a month and a half ago i was driving from delaware, brian was following me until i saw he got pulled over, i drove about a quarter of a mile and i parked on the side of the road to wait for him. ANOTHER cop pulls up behind me right before the other finished with brian and says he clocked me at 67mph. there was only one cop a minute ago, and we each got a ticket for $90... i decided to go to the court date to fight it because i KNOW they only clocked brian and not me.
both cops were there when my name was called, they even admitted to not actually clocking my speed, that the one guy from the town over was contacted to wait for me but when i didn't show up he came looking for me. the judge was all 'well i believe that you went over 50 mph" and i ended up paying $50...

i've never had a speeding ticket, and of course i get one when nobody had physical proof of anything, i was parked on the road waiting patiently, practically gift wrapped for them!

balls on the court systems chin... forever.
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