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15 October 2010 @ 12:26 am
then i'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours.  
I'm so excited! i've come to the middle of the semester! :D
i am going to work tomorrow, then me and brian are going to the airport saturday morning! so exciting.
i like traveling places.
i want to teach english in japan (i don't know if i mentioned that last post) for a year, though i don't know if i want to do it straight out of college or if i want to wait a year... it's a tough call. i'd be missing two weddings, one i'd actually participate in, so i'm apprehensive to leave this year. though i do worry i will get sucked into some job i don't want to do in a years time... so i don't know.

it all kinda abruptly hit me when i found out i was graduating on time instead of taking another semester. it's gonna be rough this winter interning and doing an independant study for a total of six credits, on top of 17 or 18 credits next semester. but i will scrape by... it will save me 20 grand, which is more or less what i've saved up in my four years being here, with all my financial aid helping me out. i feel i've done pretty well for going to a private college and studying abroad. it'll be nice to finally graduate and have my two majors completed.

i want to hold off on grad school for now though. i wanna take a break and work a bit, or, hopefully go to japan within a year or so.

it's finally chilly tonight! it was gross and rainy today, kind of unexpected. i slept til almost 2 today, it felt so good but i felt incredibly unproductive. i hung out with jack and also got new tires. apparently my right axel was blown out? they replaced that too, but it was so expensive. my mom paid for it, and there's no way i could possibly express the amount of gratitude i feel for that. one day when i am rich and powerful she will get her own villa in tuscany, with a huge art studio and maybe a private jet, and a couple perfect kitties. really, she is the best mom i could ever ask for. she is so warm and supportive, and i was really happy to spend some time with her last night, because i haven't been able to visit in well over a month. the house looks amazing, and it looks like we will probably spend christmas there... which makes me happy. i'm glad it didn't sell this summer, and i hope it never sells really... (until i can buy it) but for the sake of divorce settlements it has to.

but having new tires rule. in the four, almost five years i've owned this car, i never changed them or had them rotated. i was sure i was going to die any minute driving it. so this is good peace of mind. if i wanted to actually drive to visit heather, i feel i could now. and now i won't skid on ice and snow this winter as much as i would have last winter. also a plus.

i was told once this song gave my friend a creepy, comforting feeling that reminded them of me. i was flattered, but in turn this song reminds me of them now.

i've been listening to their new album a lot, but i still like a lot of songs on Funeral.
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