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30 September 2010 @ 11:01 pm
wow two whole posts in a month? gee.  
i'm excited!
i'm gonna go check it out tomorrow after school!
it just sucks because i work in the morning, so i can only stay for one night.
maybe i can help him move stuff in if it's not raining cats and dogs like it has been the past few nights.
it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so effin' hot to top it off. if only it were a chilled fall rain, so much more tolerable. i hate sweating in all my clothes on top of being dampened from all the humidity and rain itself.
this is probably a front and things are probably going to get cold REAL FAST after things die down. that's maryland weather for you...
i'm not looking forward to winter just yet, because i'm still snowed out from last year, but fall will be nice. i usually love winter the best, but i hope our winter won't be as terrible as last year.

thinking about it, i've never really liked spring. at least in maryland. we never really get much of a spring, but i always hate how i look in pictures during spring. awkward and pasty, and the weather is so fickle to begin with so you're either way too hot or too cold in whatever you choose to wear that day. prom also comes to mind, which i always think of the pictures everyone takes next to a barely flowering tree branch in order to capture some sort of picturesque beauty. it all looks so staged and fake to me! i much prefer summer fall and winter. it's predictable! and not so soggy.

i didn't realize this would be mostly a post about weather. then again i don't really know what i will end up blogging about half the time.

got an oil change today! so that means my tires aren't low on air and all my fluids are at the proper levels so i won't break down because of that! just gotta finish out tomorrow and check out brian's new house! yay!

i wish i was done with school, two more semesters loom ahead of me and i just want them to be overrr. blah!
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