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22 September 2010 @ 12:19 am
i want pierogies. something cheesy and fried in loads of butter and salt and onions.

i've been eating things that are generally sweet lately and i'm not pleased at all!

if i had money i would go buy some mac and cheese... but alas, i am broke until i get payed. i literally only have three dollars in my bank account right now. it was dumb on my part though... i bought a plane ticket then refunded it so i could squeak by buying two for me and brian to go to NC in october!
he will pay me back, and it'll be a few days until i get my refund, but also i am waiting to get payed for working at the winery, and that's another week probably.
even though i know i'll be fine, it's just annoying waiting and being super careful with using my debit card. at least i have some cash from working at the winery and getting tips.

i also start working at Atwaters this Thursday too, exciting! they are training me in bread and cheese, and also soup. I am hungry, even though i ate some granola bars. aghhh.

I'm excited to see heather though! the last time i saw her was in february for sean and hannahs wedding! she is in moldova now visiting denis' family, but she's excited to see us.
i'm glad brian will be coming with me too, since most of my travels i've gone alone, and while i'm perfectly content sitting still for hours at a time listening to my ipod and staring out a window, it'll be nice to have someone to talk to. this will be his first flight too, so i'm glad i'm gonna be there for that. i feel like such an airplane pro now! haha. 3 hours ain't nuthin' when you flew 8 hours to and from copenhagen!

this song and video reminds me of denmark. i watched it and listened obsessively to this album while i was there.

i ate a lot of pasta and bread and jam while i was there.
fond memories.
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