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18 August 2010 @ 02:23 am
i haven't updated in a while, not that anyone besides emily or gi really read this nowadays, but i like just having a place to write stuff. I have a tumblr now which is fun and you can just blog pictures or whatever, its not really a place for writing stuff though it seems, so most of my writing will probably just go here like it always has.
I finally got some money rolling in, which i proceeded to buy all my books for school and a couple of new clothes. I really don't care much for forever 21 any more, their stuff is too short on me and their cuts of stuff really aren't flattering or eye catching, that or they're way too hipster/ironic ugly for me haha. it's sad because i really used to like their stuff... i still like their jewelry selection though. but $10 shipping isn't worth it for a $4 ring or whatever.
I really just like simple classic styles with patterns and interesting colors... meh.
Brian's sister asked me to be her bridesmaid, which i'm pretty excited about, it's another year away so i have plenty of time to go shopping and find a blue dress with her and her mom.
it's going to rain tomorrow, 2 and a half inches they say. it's gonna be brutal and awesome. i love rain and we haven't been getting enough this summer in my opinion. being pensive and staring at the rain is one of my favorite pastimes at my moms house, when i'm not killing all my time on the internet like i am now.
i'm hungry, but i have to work tomorrow and all i really want is nutella after looking at my previous blog title.
i miss denmark, i had an awesome time there and i wish i could have done a whole semester with all those people... well, almost all of those people. ha. it's hard to believe it's already been two months since i first left home. best decision i made this year, hands down. things from sweden keep popping up in my life though, its really weird. bands tour/are from there and some swedes came into the winery and i talked to them for a while. a lot of them have a british/kinda american accent because they grow up watching american television and are taught the queens english, its not so much the 'ya sveeden yaa?' stereotype. i wish i was back there though, in all its overpriced but super clean and friendly scandinavian niceness.
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